How to Recover from Google Hummingbird

On the eve of its 15th anniversary Google launched a new algorithmic change which makes a huge difference in its SERPs. Many sites are affected by this new algorithm. Hummingbird rolls out for improving search results. The main objective of the algorithm is to get more precise and fast results. The below points are some SEO techniques which will be fruitful in ranking your website better post the update. The goal is to have a balance mixture of psychology (human intent), content and authorship to boost the overall SEO ranking which is also called as indirect SEO.

Content do not need to be SEO rich


If you maintain your blog or website and post content across different platforms online then you do not need to pay thousands of dollars to SEO agencies to do SEO tasks for you. In addition, you can get all the basic SEO strategies using Yoast SEO plugin.

You see, building a good and strong presence is vital when it comes to surviving in this blogging industry. This is why you need all hands on deck, and make sure your content is able to satisfy your readers.

Quality content is definitely needed


Content still plays an important role

This is some sort of a no-brainer. Words around popular search engine forums tell that Google is looking for more unique content than just plain articles.

When you are posting some articles or blogs, make sure that you are not doing what others are doing (focusing more on quantity than quality) or at least try not to. Of course, with over 60 million blogs and articles out there, this is rather insane and impossible to accomplish but at least don’t copy and paste everything that you read.

Readers love to read unique content. If they could not find unique information anywhere else than your site, they will visit your website. Do this and you will find them coming back for more and if Google sees good traffic coming from your blog, it is a signal to send even more traffic towards your blogging or article sites.

   The love-hate authorship factors


Do you agree that Google Authorship plays a role in terms of blog ranking?

Let us go back the memory lane for a moment. When Google+ was first announced, it was a huge hype and everyone was trying to enable Google Authorship on their blogs.

We all thought that it was a good way to boost SEO but is just one of the factors that Google considers to rank a website. A long discussion was done recently among Google+ community and it was confirmed that Google Authorship doesn’t affect SEO at all.

   Open Graph and Microdata


In short,  WPSocial SEO Booster is used to make sure that markups are done correctly for your blogs. It may and may not make a difference when it comes to the naked eyes but this is a totally different scenario when it comes to search engines.

Authorship is important and it is a great way to prove to search engines that you are genuine. WPSocial SEO Booster will help you in terms of:

  1. Creating correct microdata for your blog
  2. Enable authorship markup
  3. Facebook Open Graph integration
  4. Twitter cards
  5. Increase site performance
  6. Review features, social sharing button and Google Interactive features included

The best way is to avoid penalties by Google is to help the search engine in doing its task in a better way. You can help Google by contributing to the web space in a positive manner instead of dumping poor content and spamming links.

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