Effective SEO strategy for a new website

An effective SEO strategy for a new website involves several key components. The goal is to ensure that the website is optimized for search engines, making it easier for target audiences to find it online. The guide covers key aspects of SEO, including keyword research, on-page optimization, link building, and tracking and analysis, among others. By following the steps outlined in this guide, you can set your new website up for success in terms of search engine visibility and ranking.

Why is SEO valuable for new websites?

SEO is valuable for new websites because it helps improve the visibility and discoverability of the website on search engines. Search engines are one of the primary sources of traffic for most websites, and optimizing your website for search engines can help you reach a wider audience, generate more leads and conversions, and establish your brand online. By implementing best practices for SEO, you can improve your website’s ranking for relevant keywords and phrases, making it more likely for potential customers to find your site when searching for products or services in your niche.

Additionally, a strong SEO strategy can also help you build credibility and authority in your industry, which can help you stand out from the competition and attract more customers over time. Overall, SEO is an essential component of any comprehensive digital marketing strategy, and it is especially important for new websites looking to establish their online presence and reach their business goals.

Why you should select the right domain name for your business

Choosing the right domain name for your business is essential as it can have a lasting impact on your online presence. Your domain name is often the first interaction people have with your brand, and it can influence how they perceive your business. A domain name that is memorable, easy to spell, and relevant to your business can help build a strong brand identity and improve brand recognition. In addition, a domain name that includes keywords relevant to your business can improve your website’s search engine ranking and make it easier for potential customers to find your site.

A domain name that is professional, credible, and easy to remember can also improve the user experience for your visitors and increase trust in your brand. In conclusion, selecting the right domain name is an important step in establishing your online presence, and it is important to carefully consider your options to choose a domain name that aligns with your business goals and represents your brand effectively.

Select the best hosting service provider

Choosing a high-speed hosting provider is crucial for the success of your website. A fast-loading website not only provides a better user experience, but it can also positively impact your search engine optimization (SEO) by improving your website’s speed, which is a ranking factor in search engine algorithms. A high-speed hosting provider can also ensure your website is optimized for mobile devices, which is essential in today’s mobile-first world. In addition, a high-speed hosting provider can offer improved security features to protect your website from potential threats, which can also help to enhance your SEO. Overall, investing in a high-speed hosting provider can have a significant impact on the performance, security, and visibility of your website, making it a wise choice for any website owner.

Create A Solid SEO Plan

Starting a new website can be an exciting and challenging task. In order to ensure that your new website gets the visibility and traffic it deserves, it’s important to have a solid SEO strategy in place. With the right approach, you can help your website rank well in search engines, attract more visitors, and increase conversions. Here are some tips on how to prepare your SEO strategy:

  1. Research Keywords: Before you start building your website, take the time to research keywords that are relevant to your niche. This will help you understand what your target audience is searching for and what keywords they are using to find it. Use tools such as Google’s Keyword Planner to research keywords and identify opportunities for optimization.
  2. Optimize Your Content: Content is the foundation of your website and a crucial component of your SEO strategy. Make sure that your content is well-written, relevant, and optimized for search engines. Use keywords in your content, but don’t overuse them. Search engines penalize websites that engage in keyword stuffing, so make sure to keep your content natural and engaging for your audience.
  3. Use Meta Descriptions: Meta descriptions are brief summaries of your website’s content that appear in search engine results. They are an important part of your SEO strategy because they can help to attract visitors to your website. Make sure that your meta descriptions are clear, concise, and contain relevant keywords.
  4. Make Your Website Mobile-Friendly: With the increasing use of mobile devices to access the internet, it’s more important than ever to make sure that your website is mobile-friendly. A mobile-friendly website not only provides a better user experience, but it can also help improve your search engine rankings.
  5. Build Quality Backlinks: Backlinks are links from other websites that point to your website. They are an important factor in search engine rankings because they demonstrate the quality and relevance of your website to search engines. Make sure to build quality backlinks from relevant, trustworthy websites.
  6. Track Your Progress: Finally, it’s important to track your progress and monitor your website’s performance. Use tools such as Google Analytics to track your website’s traffic and search engine rankings. Regularly review your performance and make adjustments to your SEO strategy as needed.

By following these tips, you can help ensure that your new website has a strong foundation for SEO success. Remember that SEO is a long-term process and requires consistent effort, but with the right approach, you can achieve great results.

The Ultimate Guide to Real Estate SEO!

Construction industry is one of the oldest industries in the history of civilizations, whereas information technology is among the newest. Despite the time gap in the genesis of both the industries, most of the basics have remained the same.

Building a solid foundation is essential for a successful construction company. Your website Development can be just as important as the locations of the construction that your company works on. In these digital day, every contractor, Real estate company and agent etc. needs to have a professional website. Word of mouth has always been the best technique, but today individual users search and discover construction companies online. When a website serves as the cornerstone of your online presence, it’s important to keep enhancing it with effective SEO techniques for your website. SEO for Real estate company helps people find the kinds of services you offer in your area.

Mumbai city skyline aerial panorama
Mumbai city skyline aerial panorama

What is SEO

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is a process to improve visibility and high rank on search engine results pages when people search for products or services related to your business and to get website traffic through multiple strategies. You can improve your visibility through various methods that many SEO firms and Experts can assist you with. SEO mainly concentrates on organic or natural results. The success of any SEO strategy varies based on the website audience, competition and niche.


For websites, whether that’s a small or large, On-site optimisations and off-site optimisations are important for SEO. There are a few more things you should look into, like Technical issues, experience, and organized SEO factors. While SEO is not the only element of a marketing campaign, it is an important part of every effective digital marketing strategy.

Is SEO for Real Estate Companies Necessary?

How does SEO related to bricks and hammers? When you analysis your real estate website, you will find that they are related to each other. Construction company need specific tools to build buildings and to strong the structures. When its come to build a website you should think about SEO, user experience, keywords and keywords placement in content, these specific things works as tools for successful online websites.

Real estate industry is really not typically associated with SEO, it’s more essential than ever. We understand word of mouth is not fully vanished yet, word of mouth helps in awareness or branding. But presently digital conveniences, Digital Campaign or advertisement, reviews and organic search engine results helps construction companies to be more trustworthy, increasing sales and lead generation.

How Can Real Estate Companies Benefit from SEO?

Because if you rank well in Search engines, you will get more customers, leads and sales. You can learn by utilizing and implementing SEO for your real estate company to get success online. There are some techniques where you can get benefits from SEO.

Increase Local Presence

Listing or adding your business name in different SEO resources and services can help to increase your local SEO for your construction company. Google map play an Important role for local SEO in search engines result pages. Customers can find the nearby location and contact details of construction projects name.

Listing business details into different local directory and citation your business name, address, and phone number. Engage on social media platforms and create posts to Google My Business.

  1. Optimize for Google My Business
  2. Business listing in local directories
  3. Local SEO Audit and Optimisation
  4. Collect plenty of good customer reviews
  5. Use local keywords in website
  6. Participate in your local community

Schema for Real estate listings

Schema, or structured data, is an online language of sorts, that helps search engines to understand the contents of your webpages. SEOs who work in the real estate industry have an advantage over others: there are specific schema types hosted on schema.org that are relevant only to the real estate industry. For example, this search listing, which ranks for the keyword 2BHK Flat in Kolkata, features the FAQ schema.

The SingleFamilyResidence schema offers information about a single-family property.

One simple, invaluable way to win search visibility and win the sale is with the schema markup.

Site structure, navigation and layout

There are few things user think before landing to your website, like what the website about? Is it the right website to find my answers or services they re looking for? Or can user navigate the page or website properly? So design is Important whereas structure are more important for a website.

We know our business and our website. Sometimes we expect users to know where to get the information about the property of our website, User-testing or implementing a heat-mapping tool  can help you understand how users interact with your site’s content and layout.

Attract the Right Intent

While expanding your reach in finding new customers, attracting qualified leads is also a great benefit from Real estate SEO. One beneficial way of doing this is by adding the right SEO keywords. By adding optimised and user focused keywords, your company can attract quality leads that are more aligned with your company standards.

While increasing your visibility for customers and clients, A major advantage of real estate SEO is generating qualified leads for your business. Including the appropriate keywords is one of the techniques for your targeted project. By adding optimized and user focused keywords, your company can attract quality leads that are more aligned with your company standards.

Sustainable Growth

While SEO doesn’t produce results quickly or overnight, it can offer opportunities for ongoing growth. It’s one of the most affordable ways to avoid paying for advertisements. It requires time and effort to locate the top SEO results. These SEO tactics, unlike advertisements, are permanent and can produce long-lasting effects for your real estate company. Your website SEO will become more sustainable and cost-effective in the long run.

What Do Construction SEO Services Look Like?

Understanding Your Business and Industry

Real estate or construction come in many different forms. From residential property, commercial property or office, Bungalow or home, to your general handyman and contractor, Real estate covers many different fields. With this in mind, it’s important for your Real estate company to identify what you really need to rank for online. Do people search for “Bungalow” or “Apartment in city”, or “commercial space in city”. You first need to identify who you will be servicing and what you can provide for them. From there, it’s easier for your company to start optimizing your website.

Keywords Research for website

Keyword research is based around the foundation for SEO. The right keywords can get your website in front of the right customers and keyword research provide you with specific search data. Keywords for real estate companies can include things like: 2bhk flat in Madyamgram, Bungalow in Kolkata, Duplex in south Kolkata. These are very specific keywords that describe your project or website, what you can do, and where your business is located. Then inserts those keywords in strategic places within the content of your web page. This would be help your company bring more organic users and leads.

Create Valuable and Informative Content

Once you have your keyword research, it’s time to start working on content that can bring value to your website. This is where you insert your information and keywords to attract users. Keywords and content are the base of your SEO strategy. Your content should tell people about your property details, where you do it, what is the cost, amenities, area and types.

Google also rewards people with strong E-A-T on their websites. E-A-T stands for Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trust. Create content that helps people understand what you do and not make them more confused. Your company website can be creative by creating tutorials on What is the best area for property investment, or how to select the best properties in Kolkata. Give explainers on how to choose the right real estate company for their project. Show your expertise and authority on your industry. That builds trust with Google and helps your company stand out from your competitors.

High Authority Links

Once you have effective content, you can continue to build on your Off page SEO strategy by building high quality links that help to build your website’s authority. It’s Important for your business to stay active and up-to-date in your industry. There are many methods to generate high quality backlink for websites. Link building is another Important factor in the SEO process for your company.

SEO provides quality leads to your website

Generation of leads and generating leads from SEO are different. SEO ensures that the quality of people who click on your website can be potential clients. This is because it targets people who are already looking for the services that you offer, so users who click through to your website are potential clients or likely to convert and become customers. This in turn saves you money that could be used to reach people who are not interested in the services you offer. If your desire is to attract potential customers to your website, then building SEO is your ultimate answer.

Comprehensive guide to optimizing your Shopify store

Here’s a comprehensive guide to optimizing your Shopify store for better search engine rankings:

Keyword Research: Start by researching keywords that are relevant to your products and target audience. Use tools like Google Keyword Planner to find keywords with high search volume and low competition.

On-page optimization: Make sure your Shopify store is optimized for search engines by including keywords in your page titles, descriptions, and header tags. Use descriptive and keyword-rich product descriptions, and optimize your images by including descriptive file names and alt tags.

Site Structure: Ensure that your Shopify store has a clear and organized site structure with a logical hierarchy of pages. This will make it easier for search engines to crawl and index your site, and improve the user experience for your customers.

URL Structure: Use clear and concise URLs that accurately reflect the content of each page. This will help both search engines and users understand the content and context of each page, improving your site’s visibility and click-through rates.

Mobile Optimization: Make sure your Shopify store is optimized for mobile devices, as Google now uses mobile-first indexing. This means that your mobile site will be the primary version used for indexing and ranking, so it’s important to ensure that your mobile site is fast, accessible, and user-friendly.

Blogging: Start a blog on your Shopify store and publish high-quality, keyword-rich content on a regular basis. This will help attract organic traffic to your site, improve your search engine rankings, and build your brand’s authority.

Backlinks: Build high-quality backlinks from other relevant websites to your Shopify store. This will demonstrate to search engines that your site is valuable and authoritative, and help improve your rankings.

Track your progress: Use tools like Google Analytics to track your Shopify store’s performance and make data-driven decisions to improve your SEO strategy.

By following these best practices, you can improve your Shopify store’s search engine rankings, attract more organic traffic, and ultimately drive more sales for your business.

Ultimate Website Tools for Webmaster

There are so may tools you must be user, but there are some use full and some are not based on website and their performance. We are going to share some tools for website; I hope you have not tested or not used earlier. These are not exactly tools but these are ultimate tools or you can say it’s a technique to find some information about your websites. Generally you can find and it is near to you in your browser or in your keyboard but you are not ware of that.

How to Find the Date When a Web Page was First Published on the Internet

Google Search can show the date when a web page was first published on the Web.

  • Go to Google search (google.com) and type inurl the type/paste the url
  • For an Example inurl:https://www.yourwebpage.com
  • Press the Search button and the URL in your browser address bar would read something like this: https://www.google.com/search?q=inurl:https://www.example.com
  • Now you can modify or add &as_qdr=y25 in Google search URL at the end
  • The modified url become like https://www.google.com/search?q=inurl:https://www.yourwebspage.com&as_qdr=y25
  • This will instruct google to do date base search and bring those pages that have been indexed by the Google bot in the past 25 years.
Search old url sample
Something like this

Top SEO trends of 2020 – powerful and innovative SEO practices

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The rising competition among online businesses makes it more important than ever before to work with smart and efficient SEO services. However, it is not just enough these days to get your website optimized; you should also be abreast with all the latest and advanced SEO methods as they can be of assistance to you when you want to boost your business potential. Companies that offer SEO services must be aware of these methods as they can ensure better online ranking results for their clients.

Here is a look at some powerful and innovative SEO practices you should know about. These practices define the current trends and practices in the world of SEO. We are likely to see them used more and more in 2020 and beyond.

Best SEO practices in 2020?

Voice Search
SEO influencers
Enhanced user experience
Mobile friendly website
Valuable content
Video content

Voice Search

With devices like Google Echo and Amazon Alexa making the best use of voice commands, it is not surprising that voice search is going to transform the sphere of SEO at some point of time. The general clarity and precision of voice based technology have improved greatly over the years and machines can now detect and understand voice commands with much greater accuracy. Since it is naturally easier and more user friendly to just use voice commands to search something instead of typing the whole thing down, it is natural that more people are going to use voice search in the year 2020 and beyond. The search terms associated with voice search will be involving a lot of long tail keywords as they can make it easier for people to try and find the specific thing that they are looking for. Therefore, SEO companies should optimize websites for voice search, long tail keywords and most relevant local SEO results.

SEO influencers

There is going to be an increased usage of SEO influencers in the upcoming months and years. This is because influencers help to drive in more traffic for any kind of website. Industries like fashion, travel and hospitality are likely to make use of a lot of SEO influencers. The general ecommerce industry is also going to be heavily influenced by this trend. Moreover, the influencers always help to convince the target audience that they are being directed to websites that they can rely on. This is definitely going to boost the sales margins for the online businesses. By having greater levels of traffic, online businesses can focus on having more leads that they can convert into sales. However, the use of influencers must be combined with powerful content in order for this strategy to work effectively.

Enhanced user experience

Better user experience is the key to improve ranking in the search engine result pages. Unless a website is able to pack a powerful performance for their users, they are hardly going to spend much time in that website. Hence websites need to find out the factors that prevent them from delivering a better user experience to their target customers and then resolve them as quickly as possible. This can involve increasing the loading speed of the web pages, providing with smooth navigation options, getting rid of any clumsy features and keeping the business site as simple and user friendly as possible.

Mobile search

With more and more people using their smartphones to browse all kinds of online content, it is vitally important that you have your business website optimized for the mobile audience. Unless your website is mobile friendly, you cannot really expect it to have any potential to obtain superior ranking or higher levels of business leads.

Valuable content

There is considerable debate over whether you should have blogs and articles that are substantially long, i.e. about 2000 words or keep them short and crisp. The fact that is larger text contents can actually encourage your target customers to spend more time in your business portal which means that it can improve the online ranking of your website. However, you should focus on creating the most relevant content that can offer value to the visitors. If the visitors think that you have got nothing important to say, they are not going to waste their precious time by going through your long and tedious content. Hence the quality, as well as the relevance of the text content, is the most vital factors when it comes to deciding on the SEO value of the website.

Video content

More companies are going to use videos when it comes to promoting their business or the quality of products and services that they have to offer. It is now a well known fact that videos have a way of attracting audience like nothing else. People love to watch videos that have interesting stories to offer. This helps them to connect with the brand and invest in it. Even Google algorithms love video content and therefore videos are going to be very popular in the coming months and years.

These SEO trends discussed above are going to play an active role in determining the online ranking of websites in the SERPs.

Why digital marketing is important

Have you ever felt that you can achieve more with your business but somehow you don’t get to strike the right chord with your target customers? Then you should definitely invest in some high quality digital marketing solutions that can help you to reach out to your target customers more successfully. Digital marketing is an innovative tool that is used by most businesses these days when they are trying to create a strong presence in the online world. In today’s world, customers do extensive product research online before they choose to buy a specific item. Business owners also know that unless they make use of digital marketing, they will fall behind while trying to attract the attention of the target audience.

Without having the right kind of online presence, it would be difficult for you to deal with the rising competition that you may face in your industry. In these days, every company uses digital marketing services. However, the one that uses the best marketing strategy stands apart from all the rest when it comes to attracting the attention of the buyers. Without having the services of a reputable online marketing company, you won’t be able to do proper market research that will let you know the needs and demands of your targeted buyers. You will also not be able to make important business decisions that will strengthen your position in the market and let you do business for the long haul. It is due to this reason that most business firms choose to use smart end online marketing solutions that will help them to get an edge over their customers.

Currently there are many well known digital marketing companies in India that can offer you efficient marketing solutions which you can use for boosting your ROI. You may have the best quality products in the market, but unless you implement effective marketing techniques to promote them, you won’t be able to reap the financial rewards out of them. Once you start making use of digital marketing services, you will see a marked improvement in your business. You will not only make more money but also have a lot of customers take active interest in what you have to offer. You can then use your market reputation to create new products and offers that your audience will find intriguing and engaging.

To make sure that you have the best returns for your business, it is important that you choose your service provider carefully as a lot would depend on that. A recognized digital marketing company with many years of experience can not only guide you to come up with effective marketing strategies but also implement them carefully so that you see the best results in a short time. From creating custom content for you to optimizing your website with the best keywords, using social media marketing solutions to targeted email marketing, these companies can offer you complete support when you want to enhance your business returns and appeal to customers in a better way.

Why SEO generates best leads for your business

Every month, more than hundred billion searches are performed by people all over the world on Google. It is therefore no wonder that investing in an organized SEO campaign can have great results for your business. Among the different types of online marketing strategies that you can try out, SEO is by far one of the most simple and result driven. Effective search engine optimization can not only bring you more traffic but it can also get you more leads which you can then convert to sales. It is therefore no wonder that most companies all over the world prefer to invest in effective SEO solutions.

Effective of SEO in bringing more leads

While there are many other types of online marketing strategies such as PPC marketing, email marketing, social media marketing and affiliate marketing, SEO is considered to be the most effective way to promote a business in general or even let everyone know about a special offer. It is a well known fact that SEO generates faster results and more leads than the other types of marketing methods. The majority of people prefer to do online research before buying any kind of product. It is due to this reason, companies leave no stone unturned to optimize their websites so that they can be at the forefront of business and have an edge over their competitors. Moreover, SEO offers cost effective methods to business owners to promote their products and services.

Here are some of the most effective ways to generate more leads for your business website. 

  • The first thing that you need to do to lead more leads is to optimize your website with the right kinds of keywords. Using the right short tail and long tail keywords is important when you want to attract the target audience through the search engines. It is always a good idea to make use of a single keyword with high search volume than multiple keywords with low search volumes. Since you will be regularly competing with numerous well known brands, it is necessary that you develop your SEO strategy in a manner that can help you to stand out from your competitors.
  • A very good way to improve your online presence is by making smart use of the long tail keywords. The long tail keywords can be described as keyword phrases that have at least 4 to 5 words in them. By implementing the long tail keywords that are relevant to your brand, business or product, you can easily generate the interest about your company and its products in the minds of your customers. The long tail keywords are specifically well suited for local businesses but can also be used by non-local companies as well. The long tail keywords enable you to keep the searches more specific. This means that by optimizing your site for them, you can have your target customers visiting your website more frequently.
  • Another important and effective method that you can use to boost your leads is by studying your competition and understanding their motives when they are working on their marketing goals. Learning more from your competition can help you to generate backlinks from reputable sources which can in turn help you to get more traffic and leads. You can also create a high quality backlink database for your company. However, make sure that you only use high quality and legitimate backlinks as otherwise that will do you more harm than good.
  • You should also focus on creating a website that is designed in a responsive manner. This will automatically generate more visitors for your business site.

How to Recover from Google Hummingbird

On the eve of its 15th anniversary Google launched a new algorithmic change which makes a huge difference in its SERPs. Many sites are affected by this new algorithm. Hummingbird rolls out for improving search results. The main objective of the algorithm is to get more precise and fast results. The below points are some SEO techniques which will be fruitful in ranking your website better post the update. The goal is to have a balance mixture of psychology (human intent), content and authorship to boost the overall SEO ranking which is also called as indirect SEO.

Content do not need to be SEO rich


If you maintain your blog or website and post content across different platforms online then you do not need to pay thousands of dollars to SEO agencies to do SEO tasks for you. In addition, you can get all the basic SEO strategies using Yoast SEO plugin.

You see, building a good and strong presence is vital when it comes to surviving in this blogging industry. This is why you need all hands on deck, and make sure your content is able to satisfy your readers.

Quality content is definitely needed


Content still plays an important role

This is some sort of a no-brainer. Words around popular search engine forums tell that Google is looking for more unique content than just plain articles.

When you are posting some articles or blogs, make sure that you are not doing what others are doing (focusing more on quantity than quality) or at least try not to. Of course, with over 60 million blogs and articles out there, this is rather insane and impossible to accomplish but at least don’t copy and paste everything that you read.

Readers love to read unique content. If they could not find unique information anywhere else than your site, they will visit your website. Do this and you will find them coming back for more and if Google sees good traffic coming from your blog, it is a signal to send even more traffic towards your blogging or article sites.

   The love-hate authorship factors


Do you agree that Google Authorship plays a role in terms of blog ranking?

Let us go back the memory lane for a moment. When Google+ was first announced, it was a huge hype and everyone was trying to enable Google Authorship on their blogs.

We all thought that it was a good way to boost SEO but is just one of the factors that Google considers to rank a website. A long discussion was done recently among Google+ community and it was confirmed that Google Authorship doesn’t affect SEO at all.

   Open Graph and Microdata


In short,  WPSocial SEO Booster is used to make sure that markups are done correctly for your blogs. It may and may not make a difference when it comes to the naked eyes but this is a totally different scenario when it comes to search engines.

Authorship is important and it is a great way to prove to search engines that you are genuine. WPSocial SEO Booster will help you in terms of:

  1. Creating correct microdata for your blog
  2. Enable authorship markup
  3. Facebook Open Graph integration
  4. Twitter cards
  5. Increase site performance
  6. Review features, social sharing button and Google Interactive features included

The best way is to avoid penalties by Google is to help the search engine in doing its task in a better way. You can help Google by contributing to the web space in a positive manner instead of dumping poor content and spamming links.