Top SEO trends of 2020 – powerful and innovative SEO practices

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The rising competition among online businesses makes it more important than ever before to work with smart and efficient SEO services. However, it is not just enough these days to get your website optimized; you should also be abreast with all the latest and advanced SEO methods as they can be of assistance to you when you want to boost your business potential. Companies that offer SEO services must be aware of these methods as they can ensure better online ranking results for their clients.

Here is a look at some powerful and innovative SEO practices you should know about. These practices define the current trends and practices in the world of SEO. We are likely to see them used more and more in 2020 and beyond.

Best SEO practices in 2020?

Voice Search
SEO influencers
Enhanced user experience
Mobile friendly website
Valuable content
Video content

Voice Search

With devices like Google Echo and Amazon Alexa making the best use of voice commands, it is not surprising that voice search is going to transform the sphere of SEO at some point of time. The general clarity and precision of voice based technology have improved greatly over the years and machines can now detect and understand voice commands with much greater accuracy. Since it is naturally easier and more user friendly to just use voice commands to search something instead of typing the whole thing down, it is natural that more people are going to use voice search in the year 2020 and beyond. The search terms associated with voice search will be involving a lot of long tail keywords as they can make it easier for people to try and find the specific thing that they are looking for. Therefore, SEO companies should optimize websites for voice search, long tail keywords and most relevant local SEO results.

SEO influencers

There is going to be an increased usage of SEO influencers in the upcoming months and years. This is because influencers help to drive in more traffic for any kind of website. Industries like fashion, travel and hospitality are likely to make use of a lot of SEO influencers. The general ecommerce industry is also going to be heavily influenced by this trend. Moreover, the influencers always help to convince the target audience that they are being directed to websites that they can rely on. This is definitely going to boost the sales margins for the online businesses. By having greater levels of traffic, online businesses can focus on having more leads that they can convert into sales. However, the use of influencers must be combined with powerful content in order for this strategy to work effectively.

Enhanced user experience

Better user experience is the key to improve ranking in the search engine result pages. Unless a website is able to pack a powerful performance for their users, they are hardly going to spend much time in that website. Hence websites need to find out the factors that prevent them from delivering a better user experience to their target customers and then resolve them as quickly as possible. This can involve increasing the loading speed of the web pages, providing with smooth navigation options, getting rid of any clumsy features and keeping the business site as simple and user friendly as possible.

Mobile search

With more and more people using their smartphones to browse all kinds of online content, it is vitally important that you have your business website optimized for the mobile audience. Unless your website is mobile friendly, you cannot really expect it to have any potential to obtain superior ranking or higher levels of business leads.

Valuable content

There is considerable debate over whether you should have blogs and articles that are substantially long, i.e. about 2000 words or keep them short and crisp. The fact that is larger text contents can actually encourage your target customers to spend more time in your business portal which means that it can improve the online ranking of your website. However, you should focus on creating the most relevant content that can offer value to the visitors. If the visitors think that you have got nothing important to say, they are not going to waste their precious time by going through your long and tedious content. Hence the quality, as well as the relevance of the text content, is the most vital factors when it comes to deciding on the SEO value of the website.

Video content

More companies are going to use videos when it comes to promoting their business or the quality of products and services that they have to offer. It is now a well known fact that videos have a way of attracting audience like nothing else. People love to watch videos that have interesting stories to offer. This helps them to connect with the brand and invest in it. Even Google algorithms love video content and therefore videos are going to be very popular in the coming months and years.

These SEO trends discussed above are going to play an active role in determining the online ranking of websites in the SERPs.

Why digital marketing is important

Have you ever felt that you can achieve more with your business but somehow you don’t get to strike the right chord with your target customers? Then you should definitely invest in some high quality digital marketing solutions that can help you to reach out to your target customers more successfully. Digital marketing is an innovative tool that is used by most businesses these days when they are trying to create a strong presence in the online world. In today’s world, customers do extensive product research online before they choose to buy a specific item. Business owners also know that unless they make use of digital marketing, they will fall behind while trying to attract the attention of the target audience.

Without having the right kind of online presence, it would be difficult for you to deal with the rising competition that you may face in your industry. In these days, every company uses digital marketing services. However, the one that uses the best marketing strategy stands apart from all the rest when it comes to attracting the attention of the buyers. Without having the services of a reputable online marketing company, you won’t be able to do proper market research that will let you know the needs and demands of your targeted buyers. You will also not be able to make important business decisions that will strengthen your position in the market and let you do business for the long haul. It is due to this reason that most business firms choose to use smart end online marketing solutions that will help them to get an edge over their customers.

Currently there are many well known digital marketing companies in India that can offer you efficient marketing solutions which you can use for boosting your ROI. You may have the best quality products in the market, but unless you implement effective marketing techniques to promote them, you won’t be able to reap the financial rewards out of them. Once you start making use of digital marketing services, you will see a marked improvement in your business. You will not only make more money but also have a lot of customers take active interest in what you have to offer. You can then use your market reputation to create new products and offers that your audience will find intriguing and engaging.

To make sure that you have the best returns for your business, it is important that you choose your service provider carefully as a lot would depend on that. A recognized digital marketing company with many years of experience can not only guide you to come up with effective marketing strategies but also implement them carefully so that you see the best results in a short time. From creating custom content for you to optimizing your website with the best keywords, using social media marketing solutions to targeted email marketing, these companies can offer you complete support when you want to enhance your business returns and appeal to customers in a better way.

Why SEO generates best leads for your business

Every month, more than hundred billion searches are performed by people all over the world on Google. It is therefore no wonder that investing in an organized SEO campaign can have great results for your business. Among the different types of online marketing strategies that you can try out, SEO is by far one of the most simple and result driven. Effective search engine optimization can not only bring you more traffic but it can also get you more leads which you can then convert to sales. It is therefore no wonder that most companies all over the world prefer to invest in effective SEO solutions.

Effective of SEO in bringing more leads

While there are many other types of online marketing strategies such as PPC marketing, email marketing, social media marketing and affiliate marketing, SEO is considered to be the most effective way to promote a business in general or even let everyone know about a special offer. It is a well known fact that SEO generates faster results and more leads than the other types of marketing methods. The majority of people prefer to do online research before buying any kind of product. It is due to this reason, companies leave no stone unturned to optimize their websites so that they can be at the forefront of business and have an edge over their competitors. Moreover, SEO offers cost effective methods to business owners to promote their products and services.

Here are some of the most effective ways to generate more leads for your business website. 

  • The first thing that you need to do to lead more leads is to optimize your website with the right kinds of keywords. Using the right short tail and long tail keywords is important when you want to attract the target audience through the search engines. It is always a good idea to make use of a single keyword with high search volume than multiple keywords with low search volumes. Since you will be regularly competing with numerous well known brands, it is necessary that you develop your SEO strategy in a manner that can help you to stand out from your competitors.
  • A very good way to improve your online presence is by making smart use of the long tail keywords. The long tail keywords can be described as keyword phrases that have at least 4 to 5 words in them. By implementing the long tail keywords that are relevant to your brand, business or product, you can easily generate the interest about your company and its products in the minds of your customers. The long tail keywords are specifically well suited for local businesses but can also be used by non-local companies as well. The long tail keywords enable you to keep the searches more specific. This means that by optimizing your site for them, you can have your target customers visiting your website more frequently.
  • Another important and effective method that you can use to boost your leads is by studying your competition and understanding their motives when they are working on their marketing goals. Learning more from your competition can help you to generate backlinks from reputable sources which can in turn help you to get more traffic and leads. You can also create a high quality backlink database for your company. However, make sure that you only use high quality and legitimate backlinks as otherwise that will do you more harm than good.
  • You should also focus on creating a website that is designed in a responsive manner. This will automatically generate more visitors for your business site.

How Social Media can Benefit SEO!

SEO is a major business strategy that is used by every business firm these days. Along with it, it is also important to make effective use of social media marketing as that can help in bringing more traffic to the business website.

Both SEO and social media marketing are inbound and organic strategies that effectively focus on enhancing the appeal of a brand and attract visitors naturally. Social media greatly relies on top quality content along with strong and visible brand presence. Therefore the efforts that you implement on SEO methods can truly improve the reach of your social media. It can also help you to boost your search rankings.

Here are some of the most important benefits that you can obtain from social media marketing.

Increasing the followers of your business

The number of followers that you have through your brand’s social media profiles can have a major impact on your SERP rankings. The more are the numbers of likes and followers that you have through sites like FaceBook and Twitter, the greater are your chances of having greater visibility in Google search rankings. Google can easily detect the quality and numbers of your followers. Hence you should focus on building your followers organically instead of buying large numbers of proxy followers. While this means that you need to spend more time in improving your Search Engine Ranking and social media marketing strategies, it can provide you with the fruits at the end of the day. You should try to present your company and brand in a unique and consistent manner.

A good way to do this is to post useful articles, open inquiries, helpful tips and create general discussion items. You can then follow up and initiate discussions with your users simply by engaging them in a direct conversation. Such conversations can lead to direct customer engagements which can help you to build and manage a substantial interactive following. This also paves the way for you to encourage new and potential followers to take an interest in your brand.

Optimizing your posts regularly for searches

It is not only important for you to create top quality and useful content for your followers but you should also optimize your posts. In order to do this, you must have some pre-existing content to start with. Apart from Knowledge Graph entries and news articles, Google loves to have social media updates regularly posted in the SERPs. By optimizing the posts, you can have more numbers of people reading them and taking an interest in what you have to offer.

To achieve the best results, make sure that you use an infographic, a video, or a link to an article as an anchor for your post. Next, as you post the content, frame the foundation with the text that has been optimized for some specific search.

Trying to accumulate more external inbound links

The social media channels are extremely useful when you are looking to have plenty of external websites to link their portals to your content. The more numbers of diverse external links that you have, the greater authority you are going to have as per Google’s recommendations. It is however important that you only have the best of high quality and authoritative content. Unless you do so, you are not going to have anything to attract such links.

The social media mainly serves as a platform for promoting your content. However, it is still important that you have good content to begin with. If your content is unique, useful and of high quality, then the social media channels can serve as networks through which you can have the desired numbers of followers and customers. Make sure that your present your content on the currently existing discussions and threads as it can help your content to generate authority and the enhance potential sources of external links.

Influencing the phenomenon of social sharing

Just like external links, social sharing also contributes to building a brand’s overall authority. For Google and other search engines, any indication of a verifiable external source validating your brand or your content is grounds for a small improvement in domain authority. This means that the more number of people sharing your content, the greater is its validity and importance in the eyes of Google. Likes, favorites, shares, replies as well as retweets lead to developing such increased authority. It has been proven time and again that the finest way of promoting increased social sharing is by appealing to the users directly. Another benefit of sharing is that the more numbers of people is going to share such a type of content across various social media platforms, the greater interest will people take on the content. This will again lead them to share or like the content even more as they spread it to a new audience.

Why does your Business need a Website?

Considering the fact that digital marketing has been around for more than 2 decades, adoption rate by small businesses in India is surprisingly low.Though it is a proven fact that more than 60 percent of the population is mobile/android/ tablet or iPhone savvy! A popular survey measuring the digital marketing propensities of small and medium sized businesses in India reveals a lot. For one, most organizations have no or a shoddy website. Some have websites that were built 15 years ago and never updated since. There are others with maintenance issues; in most cases organizations allocate little or no budget for website maintenance and digital marketing. Small enterprises across India have been slow in adopting online marketing strategies; this despite the ecommerce boom and proven advantages of advertising online.

Why does your Business need a Website

High time small time entrepreneurs and businessmen understand certain things:

  • The online world has revolutionized human communication to an unbelievable extent.
  • Just because you don’t sell online doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have an online presence. In fact your location, address, services and products should be out there on the web space. This will help those searching for your kind of service to locate you and physically visit you. Branding of course happens naturally.
  • Businesses should realize that more than 80 percent of the population in India is dependent on the web for information. Whenever they want to purchase or avail a service in a particular area, they search online for information. So you must ensure that though your store is open at designated working hours, your information is out there in the public space 24 x 7.
  • Gone are the days when a simple banner ad outside your shop window would attract customers. Today you can extend your outreach by using online media to advertise your services and products. So those who under normal circumstances may not visit your store, will; because they have read about your business online!
  • If not anything else, your contact information and email ID should be widely advertised.
  • No small business should ignore the fact that there are others selling similar products with extensive online presence. By not advertising online you are losing business to the more tech savvy.
  • Oftentimes businessmen tend to ask “why should I ape others?” The simple answer to the question is don’t! Create something unique and present it to your audience. Remember people prefer fresh and new stuff. If you have a solution that caters to a specific need then you are all set to go.

Top Reasons why you cannot do without a website

A good website is as good as or better than printed ads and brochures. Designing, printing and distributing brochures can be a very expensive process. Once you distribute pamphlets there is no guarantee you’ll get a better ROI. Pamphlets eventually find their way to dustbins, drawers and chests. What a waste of paper, effort and money. A good website on the other hand is out there 24 cross 7. Prospects can read about your service offerings and updates anytime. In case your business is dependent on networking and connections, then in most cases people may want to check out your website.

Business Loans

Small enterprises often have to make loan applications in banks. Not having a proper website can turn into an unprecedented roadblock. The existence of a website increases the value of your enterprise. A good and optimized website can influence hundreds of readers. In the long run it helps a great deal in branding.

Effective Customer Support

A list of FAQ’s or a good ticketing system can help you reduce customer support costs.
The above mentioned are just a few reasons why your business needs a website. There are plenty of other advantages apart from the ones mentioned above. A well-built site gives credibility to your business and in many cases break barriers with the bigger players in the market.

Six Smart Ways to Promote Your Business Online

Effective advertising is the key to promote and popularize your business. Creating a brand and earning customer trust is a long and tedious process. Whether you are an old timer or have just started a new business; there is no substitute for advertising! In fact in today’s technology driven world online and mobile advertising has taken on a completely new meaning. Practically everyone is online 24 * 7! Androids, Tablets, Mobile Phones and other devices have opened up a sea of opportunities for advertisers.

Interestingly most new and old businesses seem to have understood the value of reaching out to their target audience online. The web-space is flooded with ecommerce sites that sell practically everything under the sun! In a situation such as this, one begins to wonder as to how to stand out and grab eyeballs. After all there are hundreds of other businesses selling the same product and service as yours on the Internet; and probably in the same geographic. So what can you do to give your website the right push? The key to reaching out to your target audience lies in appearing on top of Search Engine results.

This brings us to the moot point. How to promote your business online?

Six Smart Ways to Promote your Business Online!

To begin with you must have a clear vision and a proper strategy to market your product or service. In case you have something that others providers cannot provide, that’ll definitely give you an edge over your competitors. People are always looking for something new. And in case your product is run of the mill then the least you can do is to package old wine in a new and fancy bottle in style! That works as well!Your website must be able to turn your site visitors into business prospects, with a strong ‘Call to Action’.Check out the following smart hacks that can actually help you promote your business online.

Search Engine Marketing

Search Engine Marketing

The main objective of Search Engine Marketing is to get maximum online visibility for your business. SEM basically involves advertising through paid advertisements. These ads are keyword enriched and tend to appear on SERP results when users enter keywords on search engines for specific products or services. ‘Keyword management strategy’ plays a key role when creating effective ads for specific products and services. Extensive research for keywords related to your business is extremely important. There are tools that give you detailed information about each ‘suggested’ keyword. For example you will get to know the search volume and competitiveness, so you can pick relevant terms that can give your website maximum mileage. A good tool will also suggest a list of ‘negative keywords’ that you should avoid?

When designing an advert, you must pay special attention to ‘keyword grouping’. Your Ad account structure can make all the difference to your campaign. After all that is the best way to achieve higher ‘click through rates’ at lower costs.

Search Advertising

Google Adwords search advertising focuses on paid ads for Google. It is similar to advertising on other search engines like Bing and Yahoo. But Google has certain specifications for all paid ads that are displayed during relevant keyword searches. Organising related keywords into Ad groups is done on the basis of certain specifications unique to Google. A grouped Ads form a campaign. A successful campaign depends on everything from picking the correct variations and keyword match types. A clear understanding of concepts like ‘Broad Match’, ‘Phrase Match’, ‘Exact Match’ and ‘Negative Match’ make all the difference to your campaign. A good campaign manager understands the impact of Ad Positioning that depends on Ad Rank. Ad Rank is basically determined by the Quality Score of your Ad group.

Display Advertising

The Google Display Network gives your business that extra edge by allowing you to connect with your target audience. The extensive variety of Ad formats enables you to extend your outreach across the web space. The idea is show up at the right place at the right time. Google’s display network spreads across millions of websites that actually covers about 90 percent of the Internet surfing population.

There are certain things that you can do to achieve maximum web visibility. Contextual targeting is one such. You have the freedom to choose certain types of pages and sites where you wish your ads to be displayed. That way you can define your niche audience. Manual placements also give you an extra edge, so that you can pick specific sites, RSS feeds, mobile apps, online videos et al where you can display your advert.

Social Media Marketing

Almost everyone who can use a phone or a mobile device is on the Social Media. Be it Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Whatsapp, YouTube, Linkedin, et al, 80 percent of the potential customers are active on some forum or the other. Almost everyone these days has an opinion about practically everything! So if you are not there you’ll lose out on a lot of relevant conversation that can actually help you map your target audience. Forums like Facebook allow you to create a complete Business Page that can be used solely for marketing. Social media works wonders for small businesses. These forums are informal and allow you to exchange views, comments and feedback with your followers, customers and potential consumers.

Mobile Ads

Mobile advertisements play a very important role in helping to promote your business online. ‘App-install-ads’ is the new way to promote your business. These ads prompt visitors to download a mobile app. The good thing about these ads that they can be tracked and quantified very easily!


Web SEO Analytics, Social Media Analytics and Advertising Analytics: all help to promote your business online. There are free channels as well as paid forums through which you can advertise. Analytics only help in strategically planning, executing and measuring your online campaigns.