How to Recover from Penguin Attack

Since April 2012, the time when Google Penguin was rolled out there are many websites who couldn’t recover from hit by the update. In 2012 the research agency undertook to a survey to understand the reasons for Penguin attacks on sites. Some UK based companies started to work under this agency and within a few weeks of time their site’s traffic was plummeted by 62% with unnatural links showing from Google Webmasters Tools. The Keywords also fell 50 points from their original position in the SERPs. So they start to research and found that the drop in traffic is for two reasons:

A manual penalty against ‘link spam’ and

An algorithmic penalty, later confirmed as Penguin

So, they did the following:

  • Our PPC team set up a “brand only” campaign so that searchers were still able to find our client in the search results.
  • At the same time, we built a new website on a fresh domain. The domain name was very similar to the client’s existing site, and very quickly we were able to rank for the client’s main brand term.
  • Once the new domain was ranking well, we were able to stop spending on the PPC campaign. We were able to focus on investigating the reasons for the penalties.

Using Majestic SEO’s back link data as well as Google’s Webmaster Tools’ data we discovered that the site had been affected by a negative SEO campaign targeted at a partner site that linked directly to our client. The attack planted hidden links within the CSS page styling. The attacker had used hidden anchor text that a search engine spider would clearly recognize as spam.

So, here are the ultimate results they found out to recover from Google Penguin attack:

  1. Improve your website Content, do not use copied content.
  2. Avoid Link spamming.
  3. Please do not use same content for articles circulation.
  4. Do not create more than 50 back links in a day.
  5. Avoid directories submission as far as possible. Now they have no juice. Try to use only High PR Directories.
  6. Use backlink creation like; 80% no-follow ::20% do-follow backlinks ratio.
  7. Create link wheels with 5-6 web 2.0 websites and circulate them with fresh and unique content on it.
  8. Do not use Anchor texts as far as possible.
  9. Work with only and only niche related websites for the off page seo activities.
  10. Do not duplicate meta tags,titles, do not stuff them and use internal links as much as possible.

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