Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Pixel SEO Services is the brand name of Chimpscripts Digital Marketing LLP. They are the same entity, however all the communication through mail ids is done from Before doing any financial transaction for any service please drop a mail at or call at +91 87770 46968 for confirmation.

This page gives you information regarding our privacy policy and other related notices. We have tried to include all relevant points here; subjects not mentioned here should be dealt mutually with no unfair intention on both the ends.

  1. Information provided by you on the website will not be used in other purpose than the designated purpose.
  2. We do not involve in any data selling so please do not worry with your data stored in our system.
  3. Never provide any sensitive data in any of the form in our website, WeirdChimp doesn’t ask any sensitive information, of financial or non-financial nature, from its clients.
  4. By submitting any information (that basically involve contact information), you give us the permission to use the data for the designated purpose. We will protect your data with utmost seriousness.
  5. Providing any data to WeirdChimp through this website or any other platforms is purely a voluntary action, please do not provide it if you do not want us to use it for the intended purpose.
  6. We may use cookies to provide you a better service, these cookies collect some basic navigation data that guide us to provide customized experience on our website (it lasts only till your session on our website). Such data also come under the ambit of this policy.
  7. In case you have provided your information to us in the past and want us to stop contacting you then please drop a mail at or call at +91 8478040900. We would delete your number from our database and you would not hear from us in future.
  8. Our website may contain an outbound link to another website, it is for the information purpose only. WeirdChimp doesn’t take responsibility for collection and use of information on any non-WeirdChimp website.
  9. Any person or company trying to breach the security, change information on our website or commit any criminal offence on our website will be handed over to the appropriate law enforcement body.
  10. We strive to provide the best service possible to our clients; however we do not provide it under any warranty, of any form.
  11. No person or entity could reproduce any articles, tutorials or any other content published on our website. If you want to use any of our content, then please mail at or call at +91 87770  46968 for permission.
  12. For any query or clarification please mail us at or call at +91 84780 40900.

Any other related subject not covered above would be dealt wisely with no malicious intent on both the ends. We need your support to serve you better.

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Our 2018 financial prospectus brochure for easy to read guide all of the services offered.

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